Funfetti Snuffle Mat for Dogs- by Walkie Mountains

Funfetti Snuffle Mat for Dogs- by Walkie Mountains

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Why not add a Walkie Mountains funfetti snuffle Mat to your order so your dog isn’t left out of the excitement when your Maisie&Murphy order arrives! 

Snuffle mats are awesome enrichment tools which encourage our dogs natural foraging instincts! They help to reduce boredom and relieve stress in your pup, all while encouraging them to problem solve, learn new skills and become more confident! Simply hide some treats or kibble within the fleece folds of the mat and let your pup sniff about and find them! 

Our Small Snuffle Mats are perfect for puppies and small breed dogs!

The sizes of these mats are approximately:

Small - 25cm x 20cm

(As these are handmade items, small variations in size can occur)

Care Instructions

This toy is always to be used under supervision! NOT to be used as a chew or tug toy but as an engaging, enrichment tool for pup. Always check toys regularly for any signs of wear and tear before giving them to your dog. Remember - no toy is indestructible!  
Machine washable on a cool wash - place in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Leave to air dry. Do not tumble dry.